5 Advantages of Hiring a Real Estate Agent


With lots of information instantly available online, you'll probably ask me "Why do I need to hire a real estate agent? It's actually a good question.

Below are the top five answers:

General Expertise

You don't have to know a lot about selling or buying real estate with a real estate professional working for you. When you hire people who are more knowledgeable than you, it only shows that you are really more knowledgeable than they are. The idea is to pick the right person. In most cases, they all cost just about the same. We all need more time in our lives, and working with pros gives us exactly time. For more info about real estate, visit http://www.ehow.com/personal-finance/real-estate/ .

Local Information

Also, agents either have access to insider information or know where to get that access to insider information about the neighborhood you're eyeing. They can provide data on you comparable sales and more related facts and statistics, on top of more location-specific details, like crime rates, schools, etc.


In contrast to what some people think, agents are not the ones who dictate prices for the sale or purchase of properties. But they can help their clients decide more wisely. For example, if a listing is at 7%, that means an agent has a 7% vested interest in the transaction, but the client has 93%. Selling agents will tell buyers to consider all the data they are provided so they can come up with a good price. The agent will then develop a negotiation strategy on account of market supply and demand, and the conditions. To know more about real estate, you may follow this link .

Negotiation Skills

A good agent is a good negotiator, and much of this has something to do with his ability to handle the transaction without emotion. It's just a job. Agents are not messengers delivering offers between buyers and sellers. They are trained professionals specializing in representing their clients' best interests.


Single-page deposit receipts were very common back in the 1970s. These days, purchase agreements can be as long as 10 or more pages, and that doesn't even include federal, state or local disclosures. A regular real estate transaction can require a file up to one to three inches of paper height. You could end up with thousands in penalty or, worse, in court with just one tiny error. Thank heavens lawyers are handling disclosures in certain states!

You're probably convinced you need a real estate agent to represent you, whether as a buyer or a seller. But you have to know that agents are not all created equal. Hiring someone is not all that's important. Before you do, in fact, you should allot time and effort finding the best prospects in your intended location. Compare at least two or three, giving importance to reviews from their past clients. Visit http://www.manausa.com/ if you have questions.